Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why I LOVE Prints & Stripes So Much

I am so obssessed with prints and especially stripes. I have been wearing them since winter and I am still loving them this spring/summer. I always make sure that I dont look tacky or too strippy, so I pair them with solids, whether it is bottoms or tops, a simple jewellery if you are a accessory fan like me. Either way, I love to experiment with looks I once put on an outfit with, a stripped tee, a floral maxidress, a tan thin belt, and a tan pair of sandals. I looked simple and I felt comfortable. I will post a picture later on and give you guys a sneak peek ;-)

This picture from Lookbooknu really caught my attention, doesn't it catch yours too? The seethrough colour printed top is my fav and the colour blocking sling bag ofcourse

These mint alphabet print crop pants are my favourite. I'd be shy to wear them in public but on another note, if you love something flaunt it. I would Rock them with a plain slouchy tee for a clean look

I Am Definately Rocking Slouchy Tees and Blouses this Spring/Summer

Friday, October 7, 2011

Bits & Pieces...

Maxi skirts, turbans, shorts, lace, ballerina skirts, tribal prints, dresses,blazers, stripes, polka dots, sheer blouses = Spring/Summer Wear

F. A. S. H. I. O. N

' My Fashion Intake: Bits of What I Love & see as Chic, Elegant, Sexy, Stylish etc...'

My First (*_*)

This day today, I open my blog. Yay!! I hope you will all enjoy my opinion and will be willing to share yours. I will be discussing recent events from all aspects of life in the world. Havent travelled the world yet, but the internet is here to help me :-)! Love you all & Welcome!!