Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That's the motto...

Hello ladies and gents :)

I know that I made a promise to make blog posts as frequently as possible this year, but things rather took an unexpected turn at the beginning of February. Nothing horrible and heartbreaking happenend, I just got accepted to one of the best universities in South Africa (University of Pretoria) and what is very exciting about this event in my life is that I got accepted as a 2nd year student :-)! I am so grateful for all the opportunities that I have received so far this year and it is all thanks to the Almighty. And I know this might be a little too deep, but before all that happenend to me I was rather in a dark place. In January and late December of the previous year I had depression. Oh yes I did; I gained quite an amount of weight and was not very sociallable, as the naturally happy person that I am, I did not see it coming and once I found out I did not tell anyone about it, but just went out there and received the proper fixations. I hated many things, and it was the most awful time of my life, and to make matters even worse it was the beginning of 2012!
The reason behind me sharing something so intimate and personal with you guys is, I am so happy and well sorta (giggles) healthy right now, and I thank God for blessing me, and showing me the light. I was a strong girl before that depression but I am a even stronger young woman right now, what I have learnt is you have to be able to TRUST and JUST LET GO AND LET GOD especially if you are a strong-willed person like me. Stay away from the negativity and people who break you indirectly by being burdens in your life. Lastly you are human too, think about yourself. You need love, affection, family and nothing is ever too good for you or too difficult for the deadly combination to challenges which is YOU & GOD. xoxo Stay Sexy and Stylish Lovers!