Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where She Writes

Hello Everyone :)
It is obviously extremely late for me to say this but I will go ahead and say it any way. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
I have been away for too long and I am deeply sorry for abandoning you guys but I promise that I am back. Better than ever in fact. My sole purpose for this post is to introduce a new page here, which is 'Crib Notes'. Crib Notes is a new part of me were I will share my writings about well anything and everything that I write about, I know this might sound petty of me but I am learning to put my words together and I have so much to say that I just want to share with you guys, and get some opinions on how to improve my writing and so forth. And the reason why I have a different page for my writing is because it might not always be fashion and style related, and I do not want to confuse or lose any of my fashion and style friends who have no interest in the other topics that I might discuss or write about on 'Crib Notes'.