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Welcome to my little space. the home of my fiery and sweet thoughts.

I am sitting in my mother's living room it is 02:03am and I have puckered up all the might in me to finally put my writing skills on the net. This decision actually resulted from a push by my Anthropology professor who said to us in the lecture room and I quote, 'writing should be your second element to living right after breathing'. Before this I kept on arguing with myself about how I will be perceived by others, by the things I might talk about and that no one will actual care about what I have to say or write. But today I just came to my senses that, 'HEY?! This is not me'. When did I start caring about what everyone one else thinks about me?' So after hours spent on the net reading and going through all my favourite blogs I decided to not care and to kill that little voice within me that really cares about public perception. I am doing it anyway. Here I am.
My problem with writing is I usually have so many ideas that I do not know how to mash them up together and it is rather frustrating or on a lighter note just confusing. But what my writing is, it is honest and basically really my thoughts and emotions. I will write a post about myself so you guys can get a better introduction as to the kind of girl I might be.
Fro now please join me in my journey to ultimate growth and love. come and explore my mind with me...

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