Sunday, May 6, 2012

The May Weather

We have been experiencing the hot weather like it's Spring in the past week, when it's actually autumn or fall as some of you may call it. Global warming is playing tricks on us. I went to visit my family in another town and I actually packed winter clothes in my suitcase and it became really hot. It even rained on Saturday night hahaha, I felt betrayed by the weather, it just did not seem fair. 

So enough about that, these are just a few other items that I will be rocking in winter.

Tights are superb for cold windy days, and of course any warm day you can rock light tights with shorts, skirts and dresses. My favourite way to wear tights this year is to mix match colour tights with any bottom that I'm wearing, let it be a skirt or a pair of shorts.

These are my tights, which means that this is me

Me again in my red denim mini skirt and black patterned tights

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