Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey Guys :).
Some of you might have already seen this when it debuted on twitter and every other major social network that streamed this event but the Elie Saab lover that I am I definitely had to share his latest Fall Couture 2012 collection with you, right here on my blog. And I always say that to me fashion or art and everything else stands out when it has detail and is just plain you, and that is what Elie Saab delivers all the time. One day I WILL own an Elie Saab item, let it be a haute couture dress, any ready-to-wear item anything but I will own a Saab creation. Enjoy....

Elie Saab Fall Couture 2012

Elie Saab
Supermodel Karlie Kloss  opened the show

via (style.com)


  1. I like the collection

  2. ;D I love your blog. I followed with bloglovin